2013 News

YFN completes computer literacy project in Sindhuli

Youth For Nepal has completed a computer literacy program in Pipalbhanjyang, Bhadrakali VDC-3, in the eastern district of Sindhuli. As part of the program, Youth For Nepal has sponsored 8 computers and 1 inverter for use at Shree Madhyamik Vidyalaya (Secondary School) in Pipalbhanjyang.

The equipment will be part of an initiative "to make computer education an integral part of the secondary school curriculum so that by the time the students complete their [secondary education], they are able to incorporate, in their future steps, the facilities afforded by computer skills." A Monitoring Committee has also been set up that will oversee the campaign and will send out periodic reports.

YFN funds libraries in Chitwan

Youth For Nepal recently helped the Shiksha Nepal organization establish libraries at three schools in Madi, a remote village in the Chitwan district. Shiksha Nepal aims to establish 100 libraries around Nepal with at least 1000 books in each library. The 3 libraries sponsored by Youth for Nepal are to serve as models for the rest of the project.

School Location Number of students Number of books
Shree Barma Jyoti Lower Secondary School Barmapuri-8 260 1000
Shree Rastriya Primary School Jeevanpur-5 130 500
Shree Madi Higher Secondary Bagauda 1021 700

Shiksha Nepal sent us the following reports:

  • Project report [PDF: 2.29 MB]
  • Financial summary [PDF: 314 KB]
  • YFN assists book distribution campaign in Jhapa

    Youth for Nepal assisted Abhiyan Nepal, a not-for-profit organization working in eastern Nepal, with the first phase of their book drive campaign. As part of the campaign, they distributed 5130 books collected by volunteers in the US, and 1850 books collected by volunteers in Nepal, to students of 6 community schools of Khundunabari, a remote village in the Jhapa district of eastern Nepal. YFN provided the shipping costs for the books sent from the US. Abhiyan Nepal sent us a comprehensive report on the campaign. [PDF, 1.94 MB]

    YFN supporter raises funds in Spokane, WA

    YFN recently received a $200 donation from one of its supporters Satish Shrestha, who lives in Spokane, WA. Satish raised this amount through his friends in the area at a birthday dinner event. The following from Satish himself:

    One of my friends opened up a Korean restaurant in Spokane three years ago. With an intention to market his restaurant among my friends, I organized my birthday dinner party at the restaurant. Instead of bringing birthday gifts, I requested that people attending bring old clothing they were willing to give away and/or some cash. I collected about $50 and couple bags of old clothing from the attendees, most of whom were college students. I donated the collected clothes to a local thrift store and collected $50 in cash to Youth For Nepal. That was in 2011.

    Inspired by the success of that event, I organized a similar event this year as well. Because it was my 26th birthday, I called it The Ironman Dinner (26 being the atomic number of Iron). The dinner consisted of simple authentic Nepali culinary delight- Daal Bhaat Tarkaari. I demonstrated the Nepali way of eating rice, lentils and vegetable medley with one's fingers to my friends. We all sat cross- legged, shared stories, and ate together. Every attendee contributed some cash. A couple of my friends , who were out of town, went online on YFN’s page and made their contribution. A total of $187 was collected at the end of the night. I rounded it to $200 and donated it to YFN.

    Everyone at YFN expresses their sincere gratitude to Satish and his friends who made the donations.

    Update on YFN computer donations

    A Youth for Nepal (YFN) volunteer, Sanjeeb Rajbhandari recently visited Shree Prathamik Vidhyalaya, a school in the south-eastern district of Sindhuli, to which YFN donated three computers back in May 2012. He sends the following report and pictures (edited for brevity and clarity):

    I visited the school on January 1, 2013. I discovered that the teacher who was trained initially had been transferred, and now Ms. Januka Magar is teaching the computer classes. She holds a Diploma in Basic Computing (a two-month long crash course) from a local institution. The current syllabus includes lessons on typing and basic Microsoft Office operation. Three students, Rupa Shrestha, Bikash Jarga Magar and Santosh Magar, all from grade 5, were summoned for a quick test on their computer knowledge. They seemed to be familiar with the computer components and were comfortable during the inspection.

    Unfortunately, there are frequent power cuts and hands-on classes can only be carried out when the electricity is available. When it is not, theory classes are conducted. The Principal of the school, Mr. Dhurba Basnet, has requested a back-up battery if possible.