About us

Mission Statement

Youth for Nepal (YFN) is a non-profit organization that empowers the young adults of Nepal to initiate various awareness and development programs in the country. YFN aspires to act as a unifying force for all people who seek a brighter future for Nepal and commits to the creation of a better Nepal by assisting in the growth and development of education, environment and health sectors.

Our Objectives:

YFN works in the fields of education, environment and health to further the following causes throughout Nepal:

  1. Develop the infrastructure at resources-deprived educational and healthcare institutions
  2. Increase literacy amongst underprivileged children and adults
  3. Raise awareness about environmental issues and implement grassroots-level environmental programs
  4. Increase knowledge of basic health and sanitation issues in the community
  5. Devise vocational projects to reduce the burden of operational costs on donations, while staying true to YFN’s mission

How we work

The basic steps are simple--someone comes to us with an idea or a project. We help them figure out the details of the project and what they really want to do. They we work with them to eliminate other administrative hurdles, if necessary. Then we fund them and let them do the project the way they want to, with minimal supervision.

With time, we also intend to set up a platform where these people can showcase their accomplishments. We can also start some projects of our own and enlist individual volunteers if we think we can do it efficiently.

How we think
Often times, when people want to do some cool project, they end up being faced with multiple hurdles that detract from their ultimate objectives in implementing the project. We wish to eliminate these hurdles and act as coordinators or facilitators for these people so that they can get the best out of their intended projects.

As per our mission, we will support grassroots programs in the education, environment and health sectors only. While the need for macro-level awareness and advocacy is also paramount in Nepal, we think that similar organizations are addressing these issues well. However, there can never be enough grassroots projects.

Youth for Nepal Members

Abishkar Shrestha
Alisha Chitrakar
Amrit Tuladhar
Bigyan Bista
Prawal Shrestha
Rezma Shrestha
Romeo Maskey
Sadikshya Poudel
Sanjeeb Rajbhandari
Sanzit Shrestha
Shikha Basnet
Suyog Shrestha

Youth for Nepal Past Members

Akash Shrestha
Jeshica Baral
Niju Shrestha
Nitin Agrawal
Raunak Agarwal
Sanchit Chokhani
Sarita Sapkota
Saugar Sainju
Shubham Amatya
Sugat Manandhar
Sujat Dahal
Utsav Bhattarai


Abishkar Shrestha

Abishkar is a graduate of Grinnell College, IA. He graduated from Grinnell in 2006 with a degree in Economics and has been working since at Moody's Investors Service, a corporate credit rating agency in New York. He is originally from Maharajgunj, Kathmandu and completed his high school education at Siddhartha Vanasthali Science Campus.

Coming from a simple middle class family in Nepal, Abishkar considers himself pretty lucky to have been able to attend a top private college in Grinnell. This would not have been feasible without some thoughtful alum's benevolence in sponsoring scholarships for students like himself. In Nepal, there's a saying that what you receive with one hand should be returned with ten hands. It is sometimes tempting to wait till one grows ten hands to return, which will not happen. He thus sees YFN as a means of stepping out of his comfort zone and doing his small bit to try and make a positive difference for communities in Nepal.

Sanchit Chokhani

Sanchit completed his undergraduate studies at Grinnell College, Iowa where he graduated with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Economics. He is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal and finished schooling at St. Xavier's Campus. He now works as an Analyst for Digitas LLC, a marketing agency in Boston, USA.

Sanchit's primary interest in YFN stems from his early experimentation with SET Council at St. Xavier's, where he realized that people come up with great social projects when they are in school or college. However, there is no system to encourage active pursuit of such ideas and to eliminate simple administrative issues which often make these endeavors unfeasible in an already busy life. So, having idled a while in his post-college life, he decided that YFN would be the best way to add some value to his own life by helping others pursue their own projects.

Sarita Sapkota

Sarita currently studies as a student at St. Xavier's Campus, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's in Social Work. She finished her +2 level education from Himalayan White House College in Baneshwor, Kathmandu. She just finished her first year in college and, as a part of her field work, she has been working with children at CWIN - an eminent NGO in Nepal.

She is interested in YFN because she wants to be involved in making positive changes (small or big) in her own and other people's lives and surroundings considers YFN to be a great platform for such changes. The other thing interesting about YFN is the concept of encouraging and supporting people's own ideas to develop things around them, i.e., making themselves the major part of the change that they want to bring in or need.

Sadikshya Poudel

Born: Kathmandu, Nepal

Dad from Dhading and mom from Nuwakot.

Early schooling: Little Angels School

High School: St Xavier’s Campus

Pre-engineering: Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia

Bachelors in Civil Engineering: University of Texas at Arlington 08

"Currently working for a civil engineering design firm, Lina T. Ramey and Associates, Dallas TX as a graduate engineer (EIT, Engineer in Training). Mostly involved in transportation projects for TxDOT primarily drainage and roadway design.

I got interested in helping others ever since I learnt about Mati Nepal, a non-profit based off of Nepal, fighting Human Trafficking. One of my friends asked me to watch this video “The Day my God Died”. I literally cried throughout the movie. It tells stories of trafficked girls and the contribution of Anuradha Koirala and Maiti Nepal towards helping these women in Nepal. Following this experience two of my friends thought of creating a FB page and asked me to work with them to help spread word on Maiti Nepal‘s work. We decided to nominate Anuradha Koirala for CNN Hero 2010 and created a FaceBook page called “ Anuradha Koirala for CNN Hero 2010”. All three of us asked our friends to nominate her, showed them the video and they in turn asked their friends. In no time, in about 2 months of our campaign CNN was in Nepal looking for Anuradha didi and then after she became a nominee for CNN hero 2010. And eventually she became the Hero of 2010. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the ceremony where she was honored the CNN Hero of 2010. It was then I got to spend about a week with her. Her work and total dedication towards helping the women neglected by the society, providing them home and lots of love really inspired me. Before meeting Anuradha didi, I had only heard of people like Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer and few others but had never met someone who had given up everything, lived a simple life and was all about taking care of others. She told us “I am here (as in US) physically but my mind is back home, worrying about the girls and children at Maiti Nepal.” She wanted to go home as soon as she could. From then on, I started getting involved in activities to help others. And Suyog, a friend of mine from high school suggested I work with Youth for Nepal after he saw I worked for Maiti Nepal. AT the moment, I see YFN as my first step to achieving happiness while making others happy. Together with YFN friends we won 20K for YFN during the Chase Community Giving program."

Saugar Sainju

Saugar is currently a senior at Grinnell College, Iowa. He is a Computer Science major with a strong interest in Social Studies. He completed ICSE from St.Joseph’s School, Darjeeling, India and A-levels from Rato Bangala School, Kathmandu, Nepal before coming to the US.

In grade 9, Saugar was exempted from his final examination to go and volunteer in a (middle) school in a remote village of Darjeeling. He was moved by the situation of the students who had to walk miles through the hills everyday to attend classes. He not only helped the teachers in the classes but also helped build a playground and a basketball court for the students. In Kathmandu, Saugar was involved with various social service programs such as Habitat for Humanity and some AIDS awareness programs. With such experiences, he believes that empowering the youth with resources complements their ideas and energy to make a difference in their society. He envisions such possibilities through YFN, and hence his involvement.

Sumit Shrestha

Sumit graduated from Minnesota State university with bachelor's in Computer Engineering in the spring of 2006 and he is currently working at Beckman Coulter Inc. as a Software Configuration Management Engineer.

Sumit met Fr. E. L. Watrin at St. Xavier's campus in 1998 and was inspired by his selfless devotion to socio-economic development of rural towns in Nepal. Since then, Shrestha has participated in Fr. Watrin's numerous social work activities. At YFN, Shrestha is proud to be back with his St. Xavier's alumni and carry on its social work legacy.

Suyog Shrestha

Suyog Shrestha, a graduate student at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa is originally from Sindhuli, Nepal, a small town to the southeast of Kathmandu. He finished his high school from St. Xavier's College in Thapathali, Kathmandu and graduated from Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa in 2006 with physics major.

When he was a small kid, he participated in various stage and street programs organized by the townspeople or students during festivals in his hometown. Then, of course, the idea was to have fun with other kids more than anything else, but now he can trace his earliest inspiration in social services to those programs. The money thus raised would ultimately be donated to Sindhuli Vidhyashram, a private high school run by a public trust. His father was one of the founding members of the school, whose commitment and persistence brushed off on
him, he reminisces, and in the subsequent years, he himself organized a few street programs to help raise fund for the school.

In the summer after he finished his tenth grade, he volunteered to teach science in the same school for three months as the teachers' demand in rural Nepal usually exceeds the supply. During his tenure at St. Xavier's and for one year immediately following graduation, he
volunteered to teach at a public high school outside Kathmandu Valley and, at the same time, helped raise funds for under-privileged children who couldn't afford medical services at Kanti Children's Hospital in Kathmandu.

All these have continued to shape his vision. After he gets his degree, he wants to return to Nepal and get involved in social services, focusing on education and health. Youth for Nepal is his first step.

Bigyan Bista

Bigyan obtained his undergraduate degree from St. Peter’s College, NJ in 2007 with a double major in Biology and Mathematics. He has since been working at NYU Medical Center (NYU Cancer Institute) in midtown Manhattan as a research associate in cancer biology. He originally hails from Dhapasi, Kathmandu and he completed his schooling in Nepal from St. Xavier’s Campus.

The vision of YFN to get the Nepalese youth involved in volunteering and community organization struck Bigyan as novel and essential. Bigyan believes that the young generation needs to be the agent of change for a better Nepal and that they should assume the responsibility from early on. He feels proud to be part of this enthusiastic crowd at YFN to help young adults in Nepal realize their potential.

Utsav Bhattarai

Utsav obtained his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and later a Master's degree in Water Resources Engineering from Pulchowk Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. Originally from Kathmandu, Utsav finished his schooling at St. Xavier's Campus. He is currently working in Nepal as
a consultant engineer for various institutions involved in the field of water resources.

Utsav has always had a strong desire for social service deep within him. Therfore, he has been keenly involved in various social activities at different times - be it in school, college or elsewhere. He believes his thoughts are in perfect harmony with the objectives of
YFN. Being able to work in a group of people with similar feelings has motivated him to do something worthwhile for the society through YFN.

Amrit Tuladhar

Amrit Tuladhar, who graduated with a BA in Computer Science from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and went to St. Xavier's in Kathmandu, Nepal before that, is currently working as a software developer in New York. He maintains the Youth for Nepal website and newsletter.

Romeo Maskey

Romeo Maskey is current pursuing MBA from Kathmandu University School of Management. An engineer by profession, he joined the YFN-Nepal team in 2010 with vision to help Nepal feeds its daily needs. He owns a small private firm called Maskey Incorporates Technology and Services (MITS) and also is a founder and a Co-Executive Member of Innovators’ Club for Innovations in Nepal, a research center
in Nepal.

He grew up to learn, through thick and thins in his life, that he is, indeed, very fortunate to have all that a man could ask for. So he wants to share all that he has got in life with the less fortunate. He got this opportunity to do that very thing when Suyog Shrestha approached him asking if he wanted to volunteer for YFN.

It was the moment he had longed for since volunteering for Social Action Volunteers (SAV) where he worked for mobile health camps after graduating from St. Xavier’s College in 2001. He believes YFN is a platform to help those with disgruntled physiological needs and enable them to help themselves to better their own lives.