About us

Mission Statement

Youth for Nepal (YFN) is a non-profit organization that empowers the young adults of Nepal to initiate various awareness and development programs in the country. YFN aspires to act as a unifying force for all people who seek a brighter future for Nepal and commits to the creation of a better Nepal by assisting in the growth and development of education, environment and health sectors.

Our Objectives:

YFN works in the fields of education, environment and health to further the following causes throughout Nepal:

  1. Develop the infrastructure at resources-deprived educational and healthcare institutions
  2. Increase literacy amongst underprivileged children and adults
  3. Raise awareness about environmental issues and implement grassroots-level environmental programs
  4. Increase knowledge of basic health and sanitation issues in the community
  5. Devise vocational projects to reduce the burden of operational costs on donations, while staying true to YFN’s mission

How we work

The basic steps are simple--someone comes to us with an idea or a project. We help them figure out the details of the project and what they really want to do. They we work with them to eliminate other administrative hurdles, if necessary. Then we fund them and let them do the project the way they want to, with minimal supervision.

With time, we also intend to set up a platform where these people can showcase their accomplishments. We can also start some projects of our own and enlist individual volunteers if we think we can do it efficiently.

How we think
Often times, when people want to do some cool project, they end up being faced with multiple hurdles that detract from their ultimate objectives in implementing the project. We wish to eliminate these hurdles and act as coordinators or facilitators for these people so that they can get the best out of their intended projects.

As per our mission, we will support grassroots programs in the education, environment and health sectors only. While the need for macro-level awareness and advocacy is also paramount in Nepal, we think that similar organizations are addressing these issues well. However, there can never be enough grassroots projects.

Youth for Nepal Members

Alisha Chitrakar
Abishkar Shrestha
Prawal Shrestha
Rezma Shrestha
Suyog Shrestha
Amrit Tuladhar

Youth for Nepal Past Members

Raunak Agarwal
Nitin Agrawal
Shubham Amatya
Jeshica Baral
Shikha Basnet
Utsav Bhattarai
Bigyan Bista
Sanchit Chokhani
Sujat Dahal
Sugat Manandhar
Romeo Maskey
Sadikshya Poudel
Sanjeeb Rajbhandari
Saugar Sainju
Sarita Sapkota
Akash Shrestha
Niju Shrestha
Sanzit Shrestha